I’m César Miguel.

César Miguel Rivera Vega Magallón is a queer, formerly-undocumented, Tapatío Writer-Artist and an advocate for migrant, refugee and returned/deportee rights. Born in Huentitán el Alto, they lived illegally in the Antelope Valley, California for 25 years before self-deporting to Guadalajara in 2018. Their poetry & prose focuses on migration’s spiritual and psychological tolls and on the loose threads of the colonial tapestry and on the experience of social vestigiality among clandestine migrants in the age of AI-based automation and climate collapse.

Their artistic practice is centered around self-portraiture and the souvenir-memorabilia trade. César aims to visually establish clandestine, forced migration within the broader legacy of colonialism and imperialism via these objects, their performance and conceptual elements.

César Miguel attended the University of California, Los Angeles as an art history undergrad while working as a full-time organizer and as a leader in the youth immigrant rights movement.

Writing and interview highlights.

© César Miguel R.V.M.
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